I believe it is important for music to tell a story, without always having to rely on lyrics. However, when words and music align, the outcome can be magical.

Producing music gives me the opportunity to let other musicians experience their dreams. Some of my most gratifying moments have been hearing my ideas come to fruition in a completed song and helping other musicians experience the same. My ultimate goal is to give you a final product that meets music industry standards.

Craig Lawrence

Music Producer, Artist, Visionary, Musician, Engineer

I am a music producer. This means I am involved with all the steps necessary to create a song. I help write and arrange the music, play the instruments, record, and provide a final mix of the song. As a musician, I play guitar, bass, drums, keys, African percussion, sing, and whatever else is necessary for a project.


  • "Craig is a very talented producer/instrumentalist. He was able to see my vision for the album I was writing and help me develop the sound that I was looking for. He was very professional and easy to work with and the results helped me become a signed artist with Blue Pie Records."

    Benjamin Hyatt - artist

  • "Craig is a great producer to work with. He is very talented at creating a music background for about any song you can imagine. The songs I’ve had him work on all came out sounding great and were put together within a small amount of time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their work professionally done.”

    Emma Lee Downs - artist

  • “Working with Craig Lawrence has done wonders to my songs, he is truly a master of words and production. I look forward to working on my album with him soon. If you need your sound to be d-bomb then Craig is the way."

    Damon Duane - artist

  • "Ok. So, I've been working on projects in various studios for 11 yrs. in 3 different states. I have to say that I haven't found a more compatible situation than working with Craig Lawrence. His mentality is awesome and so is his vibe. He can adapt to specific genres and understand what you want.”

    Jason Allen - artist

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