I am a music producer. This means I am involved with all the steps necessary to create a song. I help write and arrange the music, play the instruments, record, and provide a final mix of the song.

With today's expanding technology, I am able to take international projects. I have clients in Israel, New York, Los Angeles, and Brazil. I travel to other studios (local/international) to do freelance production work and studio session work. I welcome all genres of music.

Artists, bands, film makers and corporations typically hire me for my production, arrangements, original music, song writing assistance, and mixing and mastering skills. My studio is not for recording purposes only. I tend to charge by the project, and many factors are considered before deciding on a final price. Your fees will be quoted to you once we discuss the work involved. I accept cash, checks, and credit card (via PayPal).

As a musician I play guitar, bass, drums, keys, African percussion, sing, and whatever else is necessary for a project. My production/engineering skills were developed during session work with a wide range of engineers, bands, and producers in several big studios in Los Angeles.